About Rollin G. Knecht

Career highlights past and present

Rollin G. Knecht leverages more than two decades of experience in sales to serve as a senior specialty district business manager for the specialty pharmaceutical sales team at Arbor Pharmaceuticals, LLC. In this role, he oversees a skilled team of 12 sales representatives, who work closely with the firm’s network of physician clients to provide access to specialty rheumatology, neurologic, cardiology, and pain products. A healthcare sales leader, Rollin G. Knecht facilitates targeted coaching sessions for the specialists on his team to ensure that they maximize their existing sales resources and properly convey information to their clients. As a senior specialty district business manager, he also works closely with local physician leaders and fosters relationships with each one. He has been instrumental in the development of new pharmacy and pharmaceutical channels that allow for better patient product access.

Before serving as Arbor’s senior specialty district business manager, Rollin G. Knecht spent three years as the national product and brand marketing manager for the Horizant neurologic and pain specialty product. He guided the firm’s five-year strategic marketing vision from planning to implementation, devising new promotional programs, conducting research, and collaborating with other company divisions. Mr. Knecht also briefly served as Arbor’s senior specialty district sales manager for Neuro Health Sales in California.

Previously, Mr. Knecht successfully led sales teams at such healthcare companies as Metagenics Inc. During his five-year tenure at Genentech Biotechnical and Roche Group, he received more than 50 company awards for his sales performance and earned the Special Achievement Award twice. He began his career at GlaxoSmithKline PLC as part of its senior executive sales team.

Mr. Knecht holds a bachelor of science in criminal justice and pre-law from California State University, Sacramento. He is currently pursuing his master of business administration with a concentration in marketing at the University of Phoenix.